Front cylinder HYVA ALPHA - FC A179-4-05605-009-K0343

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  • total stroke: 5605 mm
  • maximum working pressure: 250 BAR
  • weight: 350 kg
  • working volume: 98 L
  • total volume: 106 L

HYVA’s front telescoping cylinders, type FC are made for tippers and semi-trailer tippers with rear unloading. Thanks to this solutions it’s possible to make bigger load in less time (up to 50%). For safety reasons, HT valves are mounted directly on the cylinders (chassis only).

Each element of HYVA’s cylinders is made of carefully selected material. In contrast to monolithic structures cylinders (where individual elements of stop rings and sliders are made of one and the same piece of material), in the HYVA’s cylinders the stage tubes, stop rings and sliders are made of specially selected high quality steels. Thanks to that it’s possible to use cylinders under extreme conditions and with bigger overload than in monolithic structures cylinders. It should be emphasized that HYVA is the first producer in the world using innovative technologies for manufacturing cylinders from DOM pipes with very high precision.

Characteristic of the cylinders:

  • low weight of the complete cylinder with oil (the lightest cylinders on the market), allows for a higher payload of the whole truck, which results into large savings.
  • unique segmental design of the cylinder’s stages, which allows to work in extremely difficult conditions, makes HYVA ALPHA cylinders work reliably in all conditions
  • new construction for increasing the working pressure up to 250 bar (Alpha generation). HYVA ALPHA cylinders can work in the 170-250 bar range - depending on the type.
  • new, additional diameters of cylinder’s stages combined with higher working pressure, not only increase the range of cylinders, but also allow segmentation of product in relation to specific application (mining, construction, agriculture, etc.)
  • construction of stop and slider rings is made from high-quality materials, specially selected for extreme loads. Better sliders, guide rings, stop rings and bottom cover have improved the durability and reliability of the cylinders.
  • reduced oil working volume - less weight of the cylinder and higher load of the truck - savings and lower oil costs
  • optimized lifting and lowering time makes the HYVA ALPHA cylinders the fastest, allowing more unloading and fuel saving
  • special guiding of the cylinder stages increases resistance to buckling, it should be noted that cylinder is not a stabilizing element of the tipping platform
  • dirt scraper that allows additional protection and sealing
  • protection of main seals against deformation
  • long and proper functioning without service
  • elimination of stress concentration by properly designed structure
  • maintenance-free - the cylinders do not have lubrication points (on request, it is possible to order cylinders equipped with brackets with greasing points)
  • special port on the cylinder that allows to install burst valve against hose damage or tipping valve with hose burst function, securing the cylinder against hose breakage, that increase safety and savings
  • chromed piston rods
  • special technological hole for cylinder mounting
  • better look - the generation of HYVA ALPHA makes the vehicle look modern and estetic

Cylinder brackets and hydraulic oil must be purchased separately.

R41,794.50/pc net
R48,063.68/pc gross (15%)
shipped within 15 business days