Returnfilter HYVA - House KIT 549 HC

SKU: 14780352

Complete oil return filter mounted on the hydraulic oil tanks.

The new range of oil return filters is standardized with a high capacity filter element only, it is capable of the nominal flow of 240L/min and peak flow of up to 375L/min. It's available with extension tubes suitable for Hyva standard tank types.

The main features:

  • 240L/min of nominal flow, 375L/min of peak flow
  • 1 ¼” BSP connection
  • Additional G 1/8 ” connection for pressure sensor
  • New mounting possibilities with additional 4 holes allowing more mounting positions
  • Mounting with 2 holes allows to position the filter in line with the main axises of the tank, mounting with 4 holes allows to mount it 45 degrees rotated
  • New mounting pattern is compliant with the current filters and tanks
  • Available with several extension tubes to match various Hyva tank types
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R743.60/pc gross (15%)
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